Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Budget crisis?

There's quite a bit I could comment about regarding this week's council meeting, but the one thing that really received no mention in the press is this: We're told the city can't afford to maintain its fire and police forces at current levels, yet more than $1,000,000 was easily found to give to William Charles for Sandy Hollow Road emergency repairs. Hmmm...

My shortest post ever, but maybe the most significant. Anyone else have questions about this?


  1. thats some fluffy campaign cash deals

  2. Shhhsh... maybe you didn't get THE MEMO, that this came out of the super top secret, eyes only account for the SKYBRIDGETOHEAVEN PROJECT...

    Seriously, where the fuck was this money sequestered and why the hell does no one, especially our elected Councilmen know nothing about it?

  3. Has anyone read about the Latest Ann-Thompson Kelly Using her Park District Credit to get cash advances at a gambling BOAT ?????

    Can they put her on the upcoming schedule to be on the same retrial as Blago ??

  4. Ahhh, you've stumbled across the financial BizarroWorld LarryBoy's Administration lives in....see,first we heard last year how sales tax was DOWN,yet somehow THE (Road)sales tax was UP...explanation? THE sales tax does not cover 'titled goods' 2 things never really made sense...
    First. as THE sales tax is still relatively new, how did they estimate revenues? would imagine use other sales tax figures as a basis,right? So how could one be down from estimates while THE sales tax exceeded estimates???????
    Secondly, did not the "Cash for Clunkers" LAST YEAR, help set new AUTO SALES records???? Did those sales NOT GET TITLED???????
    Just wondr'ing aloud