Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Block campaign begins to unravel

Just two or three weeks ago, Doug Block was having the best week ever. Could it be he peaked too early in the campaign? We shall see, because here in the home stretch, Mayor Morrissey is really pouring it on to swing the momentum in his own favor.

Larry convened what was apparently an invitation-only scandalfest for the media Tuesday at Forest Hills Country Club, just moments after he'd eaten lunch beside Block.

From what I understand, Larry showed members of the local press obscene text messages that none of them could possibly air or print. Why would he do this? Is it because his feelings were hurt?

I wouldn't count on it. He simply knows it'll make Block look like an ignorant union goon. Well, son Dan certainly looks like an ass, because this little thing could be enough to derail his dad's campaign, even though Doug cut Dan loose from the campaign a day later. The damage is already done, with less than a week to recover.

If we've learned anything from the Billy Carters and Roger Clintons of this world, Doug, it's that some family members oughta be mailed to Nepal during a campaign, and kept there if you're elected.

Larry's point: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Apparently, Larry wheeled out some other complaints about Block's supporters, but they had little, if anything, to do with Doug himself. I think Larry really just wanted an excuse for giving the media hardons by confiding in them the contents of the text message, so as to perhaps manipulate the local press to put Block on the defensive, regardless of how silly it all is.

As I understand it, and mentioned earlier, Doug and Larry apparently attended some sort of candidate luncheon at Forest Hills CC just before the private donkey show. Obviously, Larry wanted Doug to see the media filing in as the luncheon ended. Naturally, Doug would stick around to see what's up.

After Larry got the local press all spun into a frenzy behind closed doors, he turned them loose on Block, who was apparently waiting right outside for the ambush. Very calculated.

Chuck Sweeny's column today brought up another good point. Doug's been running an ad based on a Register Star article he obviously never finished reading. What's sad is that it's starting to appear that Doug doesn't even realize the claim in his ad is false.

I personally think Doug's a good guy, but that he's really not fluent in issues unrelated to the police. If he doesn't win this time around, he can become awfully strong in the next four years if he broadens his horizons.

Adding to Block's woes, I see Frank Schier threw his endorsement behind Morrissey. Not a surprise after Larry threw Schier a bone Monday by backing off on industrial zoning along the Kish. Both men got what they wanted.

But you know it's a close race when Larry actually needs TRRT's endorsement, and I'm willing to bet Block was hoping to get it himself. It's just that tight.

If you think it's ugly now, just wait to see what Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will bring. Those are the days that will decide this race.

Now is the point in the campaign where Larry will reach deep into his substantial warchest to bury Block if at all possible. This week, you'll see the difference having lots of money makes, Doug.

I certainly hope that Mr. Block is a reader by now. I have some advice that may be of help in these last days before the election:
  1. Doug McDuff is trying to get the two of you in a room together. Take that opportunity. Begin by offering a sincere, public apology for the conduct of some of your supporters. Make it short, but heartfelt. Then, say, "Now, let's talk about the issues."
  2. No more TIF districts. John Harmon is absolutely correct in his assertion that they are a BIG source of debt. Give John a call. I have the feeling he'd be happy to brief you, because I'm sure he knows he can't win. Beating Larry is good enough for him any way he can get it. And don't be afraid to credit Jesus Correa with questioning the success of TIF in the case of Anderson Packaging. This is right up your alley, Doug, and it'll show voters you know about more than just union bullshit. This is a story about 167 loyal Anderson workers getting fucked right after the city gave them $1.1 million to expand and create new jobs, and Larry calls it a victory. Sure, Anderson will probably hire enough illegal aliens at low wages in order to live up to its end of the bargain of creating jobs, but a lot of good people got canned. Be outraged about it, because you oughta be.
  3. Advocate for a casino downtown.
  4. Get Rick Nielsen to endorse you.
  5. Pledge to sell the IceHogs to a responsible local buyer if at all possible. Although you love the team, you should be opposed to city ownership. Do you suppose Dr. T and Craig could afford to buy them back now? Maybe it's just a pipe dream, but maybe not. Start making some calls and crunching some numbers, and undo an injustice done by Larry to the team you love.
  6. Tie Morrissey family relations to Coppergate. The connection is there.
  7. Draw attention to Ryan Brauns' connections to Morrissey while also being on the Board of Elections (not to mention consulting contract[s]). Talk about a fucking conflict.
  8. Advocate for concealed carry. The county board has already shown its willingness. Pledge to work with them to educate the public on the facts and dispel the myths. Then, an advisory referendum will pass, which will put a little more pressure on the legislature.
  9. Kill the riverwalk. That'll happen on its own once the casino is downtown, without having to go through people's backyards.
  10. Change your position on removing the pedestrian mall. It's a good thing to get rid of it.
There's 10 to get ya started, Doug. If I see you using any of these recommendations in the next couple days, I'll be glad to offer further counsel.

The Patriot has spoken, and it is so.

I'm spent. Ruthlessly drunk. The kids are asleep and the wife is waiting. As my balls slap against her in a matter of moments, I'll be thinking about election day.


  1. What strikes me as so funny about this whole affair is that it really is about a Casino going into the downtown, somewhere and sometime.

    Now, while I'm personally against a Casino, I willing to wager that it is going to happen. Now I have been known to go to Vegas, but not to gamble mind ya’.

    I’m usually there for the trade shows and the free cocktails.

    Plus there is lot to do for the Missus and me to do together, like shopin’ and whatnot.

    Oh, and the food is usually good, well, good ‘n cheap.

    Seriously folks, if you haven’t figured out by now that the only game in town left since the screw and machine tool industry has long since peaked is DEVELOPMENT, well, go back to watching Dancing with the Stars.

    The developers will make this happen, don’t you worry.

    And the buffet will be cheap for you cheapskates and retires.

    Oh, and that is a good reason to run towards METRO whether it is just Metro Policing at first.

    Oh, before I forget, Uncle Duke: Nepal has the Internet, Cell Phones, TV and Radio. I got stuck there in the spring of ’06 during the Maoist Coup and subsequent overthrow of the Kingdom.

    I dare say it: At least the Nepalese are willing to die for Freedom, even if the Parliament is Communist now… I guess corn fed, TV stupefied IPOD idiots will be happy with what ever scraps the powers-that-be wipe off the table onto the floor to the mongrel dogs that are the local disenfranchised citizenry.

    I’d feel bad if the locals where really disenfranchised.

    I’ll call it what it is: Self-disenfranchisement.

    Get off your collective asses and vote.

    As the Great Philosopher, Jello Biafra said, “I'm totally down with insurrection in the street. I've had a great time with that over the years. Insurrection in the voting booth is the other part of the equation.’

    What can I say, Papa Duke, I was a Punk before some reporter dared to classified me as a hippie.


    Send the relatives to the Andaman Islands. Most of the time there is no power and it really has great beaches. Too bad the indigenous peoples have been known to shoot arrows at the White Devils… after all; they are the descendents of Sea Faring East Africans.

    They got pride and game: less than a hundred Negritos, as they are called anthropologically speaking, are left and they are not going down without a fight!

    Great synopsis, Uncle Duke!

  2. Honest question...
    IF voters were still undecided,did LarryBoy's "press conference" push them away from Block,or could it have sounded like just some whining? Anyone?

  3. I was pushed away from Block.

    However, Patriot makes some great points and suggestions. Maybe four years will help Block broaden his knowledge on city matters.

  4. Referencing the Smith's Morrissey with Mayor Morrissey?