Friday, March 6, 2009

Big surprise - Police union endorses one of its own for mayor

You know, I figured it was a foregone conclusion the PB&PA was backing Doug Block, who served as a labor rep for the union until he won the Democratic mayoral primary last month. Still, the union president, Aurelio Delarosa, felt the need to issue a press release stating what everyone already knew.

Wanna know why that's gonna bite the PBPA in the ass? The Morrissey administration is still in control of the budget. Delarosa has now weakened his union's position.

At least EJ Dilonardo, president of the fire union, has the smarts to dangle his union's endorsement in front of incumbent Morrissey. Dilonardo's asking price: Maintain minimum staffing of four firefighters on every truck.

Public safety represents about 70 percent of the general fund, so this will be a tough sell. Friend, you'd better believe cuts are gonna be made in public safety.

With the PBPA's premature and unnecessary endorsement, I'd wager Morrissey will bitch-slap them when the budget is passed this month, and in arbitration. That'll give Larry some room to work with the Fire Department.

It'll be interesting to see how the firefighters' endorsement will play out.

My prediction: The IAFF local will endorse Morrissey, despite "temporary" reduced minimum staffing. Morrissey isn't gonna budge on that. He'll basically say four men on every truck is a luxury, not a necessity. In its endorsement, the IAFF will concede that it must share in the sacrifices we're all having to make. They will pledge to maintain the department's high level of excellence while we ride out this economic shitstorm. In exchange, Morrissey will pledge to restore four men per truck as soon as the city's back in the black.

Why the IAFF won't endorse Block: Morrissey will easily win re-election, for good or ill.

On the other hand, Dilonardo is listed as a supporter on Block's campaign site. Regardless, I'll stand by my prediction.

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