Saturday, March 21, 2009

County reducing workforce by about 10 percent

Well, the county has a little over 500 employees, and it's reported about 50 of them will be laid off.

What bugs me most about this is that the elected officials (Chairman Scott Christiansen and the Winnebago County Board, whose mismanagement has led to this) are trying to avoid responsibility for the layoffs. Instead, they forced department heads to do the dirty work for them.

When the board voted for this, not one of them had the cajones to stand up and say, "You realize, of course, this means we are voting for layoffs." No, instead they pretended they were just making "budget cuts." They told themselves people would just work less and have more time to spend with their starving families.

Others will still have their jobs at least, but they won't be making as much money. Hours are being rolled back, some are being forced to take mandatory unpaid vacations and some will take the early-retirement money and run, but it won't get them far enough down the road to fuck the mouth of a $20 lot lizard at the nearest truck stop.

My old man, a Patriot, once counseled, "Save the last metaphorical bullet for yourself."

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  1. At least at Masada, they drew lots and followed thru... I would be more inclined to fight the Romans to the death.