Friday, March 13, 2009

A theory about the new school superintendent...

I think there's a lot more to this LaVonne Sheffield story than local news outlets have cared to pick up on, especially considering Mayor Morrissey's involvement in circumventing the list of candidates the School Board had put together.

Why Sheffield? That's easy: She has no problem with an appointed school board.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. If you don't believe me, wait and see.


  1. Occam's Razer & Q.E.D, it is elementary, my Dear Watson.

  2. It has a certain deja vu' aura,much like his original police chief choice...

    Via Mackinac's Michigan Education Report:

    DETROIT, Mich. - LaVonne Sheffield, Detroit Public Schools' chief academic officer, repaid the school district $5,861 in the past three weeks for personal expenditures and purchases without receipts that she billed to the district.

    The reimbursements included $1,200 to the Detroit Institute of Arts Founders Society, $846 for a Skymall catalog purchase, $278 to Mario's Restaurant, and $344.60 for flowers she bought for staff.

    Sheffield also paid back money for University of Michigan and Wayne State University alumni dues, and $118 for a room at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas that she canceled to move to a different casino hotel for a district-approved conference. While at that May conference, Sheffield got married to Detroit police Inspector William Hudson.

    Sheffield was among top-level administrators who repaid the district after the media requested debit card bills and receipts last month. Those receipts show some of the same misspending and lax bookkeeping for which principals and school bookkeepers were disciplined over the past two years.

    District policy prohibits use of school money for "purchases of personal items that benefit school or district staff and their family members."

    This happens in school districts across America and provides a clue as to why teachers do not have money for pencils or tissues.

    "Sheffield is paid about $170,000 to $175,000 per year, Pastorek said. She oversees public schools taken over by the state that are outside of New Orleans."


  3. George Carlin: "Do you ever get that strange feeling of vuja de? Not deja vu; vuja de. It's the distinct sense that, somehow, something that just happened has never happened before. Nothing seems familiar. And then suddenly the feeling is gone. Vuja de."

    I miss his perspective greatly...