Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Correa scores a three-pointer vs. Morrissey @ RRStar debate

I'm working my way through a replay of yesterday's mayoral debate at the Rockford Register Star. From time to time, you can hear John Harmon consoling Jesus Correa, who often looks as though he's about to burst into tears as he stumbles for words to spit out.

When Larry Morrissey boasted about jobs added at Anderson Packaging - calling it a shining example of a TIF - Correa called him on it. Unfortunately, by this time, most people had tuned him out.

Last year, Anderson Packaging was given $1.1 million in TIF incentives. I'm told by company insiders that Anderson execs allegedly celebrated their windfall at strip clubs in Lake Geneva, but I can't verify this.

In exchange, Anderson Packaging promised 150 new jobs. Five months later, the company shitcanned 167 of its senior employees - the ones who were making too much - the ones who can be replaced with cheaper labor. Before the deal expires, Anderson could very well uphold its end of the bargain, but at the cost of its most loyal employees, and with lower-paying jobs.

After Morrissey cited the Anderson TIF deal, Correa noted the company had been given money to create jobs, only to turn around and permanently lay all these folks off. Way to go, Jesus!

I'm sure I'll have some more thoughts about this debate as I make my way through it. Stay tuned...

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