Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's talk about Dan Conness, the 14th Ward and Rockford Township...

Well, the city council will be rid of Dan Conness soon enough, but the damage in the 14th Ward has already been done. Just ask all those folks living next to Rockford Blacktop.

I love the smell of asphalt in the morning. It smells like...treachery.
Speaking of which, wanna know why none of the mayoral challengers are picking on Morrissey for breaking the tie to approve the asphalt plant? They'd have done the same thing. Well, I suspect Jesus Correa is an exception, and that might not be a bad point for him to bring up at some time during the campaign.

By the way, Jesus, since I know you're a reader, I'd be glad to grant you the floor if you'd like to talk about the issues and your ideas. My site meter tells me we're rapidly attaining impressive readership.

The asphalt plant was one of those deals Conness publicly pretended to be against, but I suspect he privately urged his fellow aldermen to pass it. Business as usual in Rockford, and that's why I'll be glad to gawk at his political castration in township waters.

Rockford Blacktop gets whatever it wants, and we get stuck with their piss-poor roads. Rinse, repeat.

Anyway, now the cocksure Conness thinks he can topple Patriot Pete MacKay for the Rockford Township highway commissioner job. Being out of work (and recently divorced, from what I hear), I'm sure that's quite appealing to Dapper Dan. What's he gonna do when he loses in that race and doesn't have a council seat to come back to? Maybe he can get a job at the asphalt plant. I suppose he's earned that much.

I suspect he's been letting Jameson (that's an Irish whiskey to the squares) do all the thinking.

There's no point in delaying an endorsement for the best candidate to succeed Conness: That's a no-brainer. Vote for retired Fire Chief Bill Robertson, a proven, untarnished leader and true Rockford Patriot.

Now, as for township supervisor, a good Patriot named Don Hall, a Republican, wants to unseat Democrat Mickey Goral. Hall has an impressive military background and was fingered as a super-candidate during the Republican township caucus a while back.

Mr. Hall has been doing his best to paint Goral as a Blago pal. I do know Goral was once appointed to a salaried post by the shamed ex-governor, but I don't know if they're actually acquainted. If anybody knows, send me the skinny.

Hall also points to a salary increase recently approved for Goral, as though the supervisor can simply give himself a raise. That stuff is voted on, Mr. Hall, and there are Republicans on the board of trustees. Oh yeah, they got raises, too. If you're going to complain about Goral getting a raise, it seems a little hypocritical to follow that up by saying you want his job.

My advice to Hall: We all know about Mickey Goral, so just tell us about yourself.

Democrat Jeff Holt, who could have made a serious run for mayor, decided he didn't want to raise his kids in Rockford. I don't blame him. He's running for township clerk as Democrats there try to strengthen their little fort.

By the way, it was recently suggested that I open a Cafe Press store so fellow Rockfordians can show their Patriotism. Well, here it is:

Right now, there's only a basic t-shirt available, but it's made in America and I didn't mark up the price. I get nothing.

Disclaimer: Cafe Press rapes you for $15.99-plus, which I have no say about.

As we continue our journey together, I'm sure the product line will expand. Submissions from local artists are encouraged. Let's take back our destinies.


  1. Kewl... I threw down for 2 t's and even flipped the extra $2 faster shipping!

    "A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." ~ Edward Abbey

    Fellow Monkey Wrenchers Unite!! Save the Kish!!!

  2. I actually had an interview that will air on the Comcast local programming station sometime soon. I brought up the Rockford Blacktop issue. I handled myself well. I'm easing into this whole thing, though it's probably a little too late, but I'm making a push. Are you aware of the debate on Wednesday night? 9p.m. at the Coronado, otherwise it will air live on the local Fox station. It should be a good one.

  3. Wanted to mention, that CafePress is johnny-on-the-spot... I got a email notice today that the shirts are shipped, which means today is Sunday and they will leave the dock to Liberty Loving Patriots Monday!


  4. Wahoo!

    Got two premium American Apparel T's in the UPS today!

    "Don't take any guff from these fucking swine." ~ Raoul Duke