Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A note from Jesus

I just received a note from Green Party mayoral candidate Jesus Correa. For fear the buried comment may go unnoticed by readers, I'm reprinting it here:

Correa wrote:
"If you had taken the time to come to the GCC mayoral forum you would have seen what I am capable of doing. I behaved as myself, I cracked jokes and at the same time was putting out ideas, and making the other cndidates address issues that I brought up. Unfortunately you were not there, and neither was Larry.
Why hide behind the facade of a dead man?
You are doing a good thing here, you should do it with your own likeness and voice as opposed to using an alter ego. or at least make up your own alter ego."
He has a valid point that deserves to be addressed. I think I've alluded to it before, but I'll talk about it some more.

If, let's say, I'm employed by a local governmental agency, I'd be put in a position where my criticisms could be accompanied by serious repercussions. Frankly, I like my job and would prefer to keep it if I can. (My wife and kids would appreciate that too).

It's a shame I can't freely speak as a citizen on my own time without having to worry about it when I'm on the clock, but that's just the way it is. My anonymity provides the opportunity to remove the filters that might normally censor what I want to say.

I used the name Raoul Duke (by the way, as a fictional character, I disagree that he is "dead") because I feel it suits my style. But then, I suppose I could make up some name that means nothing to anyone. I'll be glad to entertain any suggestions for other pseudonyms, but this blog isn't about me, so it seems trivial.

I'll note my profile photo is actually yours truly, albeit electronically obscured for the reasons stated above.

By the way, Jesus, glad to hear you were more in your element at the GCC forum. Sorry I missed it.


  1. Yeah, it really is too bad that the local media sphere is neglecting it responsibility under the First Amendment to report on this stuff.

    I always thought it was their collective responsibility to speak truth to power. At least that is the shtick they tell us.

    As far as Jesus running, thankfully the kid has a set! I give two thumbs up for trying!!

    I just had a great conversation down at the store with a lady about the abuse of power of Intelligence Services vis-a-vis the government's use of those services for it's own ends.

    It is up to us to always be vigilent as citizens when these institutions fail us. It is also up to those that work in that environment to blow the proverbial whistle.