Thursday, March 12, 2009

OK, I was wrong - Firefighters to endorse Block for mayor

There, I said it.

Tomorrow at 1 p.m., the IAFF will endorse Doug Block for mayor despite my speculation they'd stick with Morrissey, who was the frontrunner until today.

As I noted earlier, Morrissey took a big hit today after all of this Adam Smith business. Then again, aldermen were probably going to cut Smith anyway, so they just let Morrissey do it for himself like a big boy.

Smith-gate, in my estimation, is probably enough to give Block an edge in any poll more scientific than the one you see on this page.

Speaking of which, c'mon, Jesus. You've probably already gotten more votes on this page than you'll get on election day. I hope your friends are at least taking the time to read this stuff. Pay attention, son.

While it may be little more than a joke to you that you're running for mayor, this is your ultimate canvas - and I don't see you paintin' shit. Where's this alleged artist, comedian, musician you claim to be? I know you don't expect to win, but at least have some fucking fun with it and make a statement that won't shame your mother. You may never get another opportunity like this.

The Patriot has spoken and it is so.

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  1. If you had taken the time to come to the GCC mayoral forum you would have seen what I am capable of doing. I behaved as myself, I cracked jokes and at the same time was putting out ideas, and making the other cndidates address issues that I brought up. Unfortunately you were not there, and neither was Larry.
    Why hide behind the facade of a dead man?
    You are doing a good thing here, you should do it with your own likeness and voice as opposed to using an alter ego. or at least make up your own alter ego.