Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morrissey drops the ball again

As Jesus Correa told us yesterday, Mayor Morrissey was a no-show at the Green Communities Coalition mayoral forum/debate over the weekend. Kinda surprising for a guy who is supposedly so green.

I see today that he claims he wasn't invited. Really, Larry? Are we actually to believe the group wouldn't extend an invitation to the sitting mayor? Please.

And, I guess it's also beyond reason to suggest you would have been aware of the event sans an invite.

Allegedly, GCC sent an email to Julia Valdez, one of Larry's administrators, but according to the mayor, Julia never got it. Hmmmm...Really?

There's more. It seems Frank "Save the Kishwaukee River" Schier was stifled as a public participant during Monday's council meeting. Again, Valdez claimed his request to speak was either lost or not received.

I dunno. Maybe that really was an honest mistake. When you see guys like Rev. Derrick "Rockford cops rape black kids" Shelby allowed to speak on a regular basis, I find it hard to believe anyone was afraid of what Schier had to say.

But still, the city appears to have fucked up, and the common denominator in both cases is Valdez. I hope she's been sending out some resumes. That is, if she can manage to work a fax machine.


  1. Got the flyer, interesting that he mentions his mothers maiden name Matranga, The Matranga's and Provenzano's were involved in a Gang war in New Orleans back before prohibition.

  2. Gotta say,as smooooth as LarryBoy's last campaign flowed,this one seems like chunky cottage cheese....

  3. So, when can we get the PATRIOT T-Shirt. Wow about putting it up on

    I mean, who could possibly be against Patriotism and who wouldn't want to wear it proudly??